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Lord of the Clans Version 1.02
Добавил: HERO_Angel | Дата: 06.02.2011

Кампания для Warcraft 3

Lord of the Clans: Version 1.02: 6 bugs fixed

- All: Fixed some grammar errors in the english version.
- All: Smoothed Terrain on some ramps.
- Chapter 2: Repositioned secret exit in internment camp.
- Chapter 4: Reduced time for Pig quest.
- Chapter 6: Repositioned barracks and heroes destination
- Chapter 6: Reduced levels of skills for Langston.

Lord of the Clans: Version 1.01: 62 bugs fixed

Spells and Miscellaneous - 3
- Replaced Thrall’s Bash with Storm Bolt.
- Changed War Stomp Hotkey to W.
- Thrall will now receive experience from creeps in all levels.

Intro – 3
- Fixed some camera angles.
- Fixed amount of time some texts appear on screen with the english version in mind.
- Fixed a typo in the english version.

Chapter 1 – 9
- Thrall will now start with Evasion as his first skill.
- Game will no longer pause to explain something.
- Added water sound effects.
- The Gate quest will now sound as completed when finished.
- Fixed amount of time that some texts appear.
- Fixed some typos in the english version.
- Reduced volume of Gate opening.
- Added sound effects to switches.
- Reduced length of outro cinematic.

Chapter 2 – 7
- Fixed duration of intro cinematic texts.
- Fixed a bug with collecting wood that didn’t show wood in the leaderboard, thus preventing the player from completing the mission.
- Added water sound effects.
- Removed some hostile trolls.
- Added a mana rune to on of the trolls.
- Fixed some grammar in the english version.
- Northern orcs-video will now only start if player hasn’t visited Kelgar yet.

Chapter 3 - 2
- Placed Pathing Blockers in front of the Gate.
- The Paladin’s map is will now be properly removed.

Interludium – 3
- Fixed a typo in the english version.
- Defeated grunts will noe be owned by player 4 instead of player 1.
- Reduced the duration of some texts.

Chapter 4 - 13
- Thrall will now load his stats from Chapter 3 instead of Chapter 2 upon starting this mission.
- Reduced pig-quest duration by 40 seconds.
- Reduced pig-speed by 50.
- Pigs will now spawn 2 seconds less often.
- Fixed a bug in the order of quests that prevented the player from completing the mission.
- Raiders will no longer attack Thrall if he attacks them.
- Raiders will no longer surround the player.
- Fixed difficulty of the Raiders vs Gnolls quest.
- Fixed some typos in the english version.
- Pigs behind Gnoll Hut are better visible now because of the elevated terrain.
- Increased gather-radius for wood in PacmanQuest.
- Widened the road to the ogre towers.
- Fixed the duration of some cinematic texts when Thrall meets the Frostwolves.

Chapter 5 - 7
- Floating Texts will now properly be removed when WildQuest is ended.
- Fixed some typos in the english version.
- Raised Thrall’s level to 6.
- Drek’Thar will not receive a level up when Thrall dies.
- Skeleton Archers at FireQuest will spawn less often but more quickly
- Granite Golem will now be asleep until all keys are brought to him.
- Elevators will now change their height every 4 seconds instead of 5.

Chapter 6 - 12
- Enemies will spawn a little less often.
- Removed defeat condition for civilians.
- Fixed a typo in the german version.
- Fixed a typo in the english version.
- Hellscream and Doomhammer will not try to attack-move towards the Expansion Barrack anymore, but while come very close nontheless.
- Thrall has the Cloak of Shadows from the beginning.
- Cloak of Shadows is no longer part of the Optional Quest, instead a Potion of Healing was added.
- Each fleeing orc will be owned by Player 1 once they he is saved.
- Reduced hit poinjts of Bodyguards from 1200 to 1000.
- Renamed Player 7 to Internment camp.
- Thrall will start with an Ankh.
- Langston will spawn with 30% mana.

Chapter 7 - 1
- Fixed some typos in the english version.

Chapter 8 - 1
- Added hint for the sheep riddle.
- Removed many of the Runes of Healing from the spiders.
- Removed some low level spiders and added a couple of higher level spiders.
- Fixed some typos in the english version.
- Thrall will now get 50% experience from creeps at level 8 and can advance up to level 9.
- Level 3 War Stomp unlocked.
- Teleporter will not be in the air anymore.
- Added a Rune of Restoration at the Healing Fountain.
- Removed a Potion of Invulnerability.
- Added items to Blackmoore‘ inventory.
- Helpung endfight items will not spawn in the center of the ring but where fire will spawn a bit later.

Outro – 1
- Credits theme will now be repeated until cinematic is over.

Lord of the Clans (Der Lord der Clans) README


2.The campaign
5.Credits and Thanks

Phewww, made it biggrin After 2,5 years log and hard work I've finally managed to let a dream come true. Starting and finishing a Project and giving people the chance to play it. Naturally, I didn't spend the whole time on this project, the truth is, I was leader of a clan, had to manage our Homepage and took a lot of time-outs to play outher games. But all this I can do now without having to think that I still have work to do. I hope that you have more fun playing this than I had creating it, I really had to force myself to bring this to an end :P

2.The campaign (mini-spoiler):
Thrall's Story should be interesting for everybody who hasn't read Christie Golden's Lord of the Clans, from which I had the Idea to create this campaign. It's about his journey from slave to becoming warchief of the horde. At the same time you can look at it as a direct prequel to the WarCraft 3-Training/Demo-Campaign because his story is continued there. Unfortunately I couldn't copy the book 100%. For example: there will be only minor discussions about the orcs' eyescolor, the liked Gladiator-Fights will only appear in a short cinematic and theimportant character Sergeant had to be cut out. All in all I wanted the campaign to be as playable as possible, otherwise I could have done a cinematic-series. But don't be afraid, there is enough to read, maybe too much biggrin Some stats: 11, Maps, 3 of which are cinematic-only, with at least 5 hours of playtime.

Yes, they exit, and even Lord of the Clans wasn't spared. But I have consciously left some of them in order to get the campaign out a little sooner, I was excited. There will be no patched version unless the complaints get out of hand. Here is a list (spoilers included) (whoever finds more bugs can describe them to me, E-Mail-Adress: outsiderxe [AT] web DOT de):

-General-Some texts are appear either too long or too short so you might have difficulties reading them. Grammar has been checked though there could still be errors. English QA has been done by myself, german text was checked by a professional.
-Interludium-When Thrall defeats the three Grunts they will reappear with a different teamcolor.
-Chapter 4r-The Pig-Quest-Raiders may block Thrall's way. Best if you stay out of their way and move only in wide space. The Raiders may stop following you. You could try getting near to them and wait until they move in your direction again
-Chapter 5-Doomhammer will be revived on his first death. You can only defeat him afterwards.
-Chapter 5-This Map can crash your PC due to RAM-Problem when saving or leaving the map. Best is if you play trough the whole map until you finished it (Playtime: 40-75 minutes depending on your skill). If you are victorious and the loading seems to take an eternity just wait. It will work, sometime wink
-Chapter 5-Some variables may shift when loading or saving the map. Again, play through the whole map without interruptions.
-Chapter 5-Eventually, in the Spirit of Fire-Quest you will take damage without touching the fire-beams.
-Chapter 6-A second uncontrollable Thrall may appear.
-Chapter 8-The Endfight may be too easy.

-Chapter 1-Collect and use the shadow cloak whenever necessary. The dog can scout the map for you before you start.
-Chapter 2-Don't be afraid to fight, you will need the level ups later to fight the trolls and kobolds. There are any items hidden in buildings and crates.
-Chapter 3-Read the Hints that pop up during the game. Look everywhere for the 10 sources of food. The exit is to the northeast before you see the barracks guarded by footmen and knighs.
-Chapter 4-Avoid fighting whenever possible and use the caves to heal yourself before you move on. Save your game before you start a quest of one of the Frostwolves.
-Chapter 5-Do NOT save. Your PC could crash. The map lets you continue at the selection-screen without having to redo a qwuest you have already completed. Spirit of Water: Don't get too close to the treelogs, and heal at the Fountain as often as you can. Spirit of Earth: You have enough time, don't be fooled. Use your healing potions before you move to the circle of light. With luck, the indestructible Golem won't follow you to the western exit. Spirit of the Wilds: Don't get down. Attack the stag from behind the direction you want it to move to. Spirit of Fire: Don't rush and wait until the fire stops. Move west until you find a Wand of Negation, use it to fight of Skellet Warriors. There is a switch to the north, before you get to a gate, that burns a tree. Behind the tree are three orc grunts that will aid you on this mission. Spirit of Air: Take your time and study the paths the hippogryphs take. They are always the same.
-Chapter 6-Move Doomhammer and Hellscream back and concentrate only on Thrall until you helped him fight of the guards. Buy items before you confront Langston.
-Chapter 7-Watch Towers for defense are important. When your army is big enough you must attack the blue base. Build watch towers there too. Use the Raider's Ensnare-ability often.
-Chapter 8-You must hit the mechanical sheep so that it goes on one of the switches. Watch out not to deal to much damage. You can call a new sheep if you killed it but don't kill it too often or the mission will fail. In the Endfight, the Golem walk on four different switches (always in the same direction). That will call a fire in that particular corner. Lure Aedelas Blackmoore into one of these corners and make him stay there with your stomp-skill until he takes damage. Be careful not to be too close to the source of fire or you will suffer the damage too. Do this as often as possible until he is weak enough so you can defeat him in normal combat.

5.Credits and thanks:
This campaign was created 99% by me (OutsiderXE. The rest is explained in the credits at the end of the epilogue. Special thanks again to Christie Golden (she wrote this wonderful book), Bloodslaughter (immense support and motivation), Equipo (got the first useful skins from you), Glorious (did an excellent job with german spelling and grammar), Blizzard (ingenious games) and of course everybody who supported me through the whole time and enjoys playing the campaign now.

This campaign can only be distributed with this Readme-Document. send complaints, praise, hints and information to outsiderxe [AT] web [DOT] de. As long as I am not on vacation or in jail (joking^^... I'm never on vacation ;-D) I will answer every E-Mail on the next day.

Уважаемые пользователи! Не забывайте оставлять коментарии, нажимать на кнопку спасибо и оценивать материалы. Ваше внимание и благодарность самая лучшая награда за тот труд который мы проделали для вас.

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